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​Impact Marketing is privately owned Danish Business Development Company with Headquarters in Copenhagen. Impact Marketing was established in the existing form in 1997, as a business unit fully owned by our CEO Carsten Grandt. 

Impact Marketing operates with direct sales to the Danish Public Authorities highly committed to especially support The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), Danish National Commissioner's Office and various Special Response Units but is also present at the Northern European Defence market in general. 

Impact Marketing represents a wide range of the world¹s leading producers and system integrators in the area of products for the Military and Police Forces and in addition to this Impact Marketing also imports directly from many of the worlds leading suppliers of tactical equipment giving them a unique position within the Danish Market. 

​Having a long and intensive network both nationally and internationally, Impact Marketing also maintains an ongoing relationship with the different MoD, which ensures a constantly evolving understanding of the current processes for equipment acquisition, delivery and mission requirements.


Impact Marketing holds a valid facility clearance from the Army Intelligence Service and our security set-up has been proven by the Danish Police Commissioner. We are acknowledged as a reliable partner with outstanding contacts to the Danish military procurement agencies and their related Schools. 

As a representative of the world's finest military companies and manufactures of tactical products, Impact Marketing is dedicated to provide the best tactical solutions and technologies available in today's global marketplace.


Impact Marketing

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Bankers: BankNordik


Grusbakken 10

​DK-2820 Gentofte